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DP World’s Searates tracking tool enhances cargo visibility

In its latest initiative, DP World has launched a new air tracking feature to its SeaRates platform to provide cargo owners with unparalleled real-time visibility of across the entire supply chain, Mike Bhaskaran, Group COO, Digital Technology, DP World, said. Designed to meet the changing demands of the logistics industry, the tracking feature integrates with the online SeaRates platform offering users a comprehensive solution to monitor their shipments across land, sea and now air. From factory floor to the customer’s door, SeaRates is committed to streamlining global logistics and enhancing customer satisfaction. The new feature is a natural extension of SeaRates’ existing suite of tools, which includes freight tracking, Logistics Community Systems, and ship scheduling. This holistic approach ensures that customers have access to all the necessary tools to optimise their supply chain operations efficiently.


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