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Dronamics, Aramex pact to deliver cargo drones globally

Dronamics and Aramex (DFM: ARMX) have announced a Letter of Intent agreement for cargo drone flights leveraging Dronamics’ technology and Aramex’s fleet management capabilities. Svilen Rangelov, Co-founder and CEO, Dronamics, said the company will supply its drone technology to Aramex to enable same-day middle-mile and long-range deliveries. Sharing a common vision of the cargo drone delivery market, Dronamics and Aramex will explore joint deployment opportunities in the UAE initially, followed by other key markets, including South Africa and Australia. This partnership, facilitated by the Strategic Development Fund as a strategic investor in Dronamics, will see Aramex offer innovative cargo drone solutions developed by Dronamics, at a larger scale. “This partnership with Dronamics adds a new element to our future vehicle program,” said Angad Singh, Director, Global Innovation, Aramex. Dronamics can offer up to 80 per cent faster, 50 per cent cheaper and 60 per cent lower in CO2 emissions freight compared to traditional transport services, making it well suited to express deliveries.


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