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Drones to revolutionize security for cargo shipments in ME

With increase in usage of drones for cargo shipments, FEDS drone-powered solutions is advocating for the rollout of Drone-in-a-Box technology for security in the UAE, officials said. Autonomous drone technology can revolutionize existing policing methods by augmenting security forces’ response capabilities across a variety of scenarios. Drone-in-a-Box technology is a rapidly emerging form of autonomous, unmanned, aerial vehicle (UAV) solution built around Beyond Visual Line of Sight. At the click of a mouse, drones deploy from self-contained docks located at strategic locations across the city. They carry out their mission autonomously and then return. The technology differs from traditional drone solutions, which are comprise unmanned aircraft and a ground-based controller, meaning operations are limited to the traditional drone operators’ Visual Line of Sight. Drones play a crucial role in various aspects of law enforcement. They swiftly transmit live footage to authorities, which facilitates quicker decision-making. Drones have been used to ferry medicines and goods to remote areas.

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