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Dubai Customs’ new policy announcements, trade curbs

Dubai Customs has reinforced efficiency with release of 13 new policy announcements. These updates inform stakeholders about the procedures, covering economic pacts, anti-dumping measures, and trade curbs on goods, Ahmed Al Khuroosi, Director, Tariff and Origin Department said. 

“Dubai Customs is committed to keeping stakeholders informed about latest updates in customs procedures and policies through regular announcements on our official websites,” he said. 

“Our Customs authority is dedicated to providing stakeholders with essential information for seamless business operations and transactions,” said Al Khurousi. The 2023 announcements cover new updates in digital services, goods classification procedures, and economic partnership pacts.

The department continues releasing new policy updates to meet evolving requirements and streamline trading operations. Dubai Customs plays a pivotal role in facilitating trade and ensuring smooth goods movement.


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