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E-commerce users from MENA to exceed 500 mn by 2027

The pandemic served as a catalyst for the advancement of the global e-commerce market and has given rise to a number of trends that impact the logistics industry. Not only are consumers demanding quicker delivery times, but the costs of servicing the last mile are increasing, which has retailers and logistics operators working hard to improve and develop their distribution models so that they can cut inefficiencies and keep stock nearer to consumers.

With this e-commerce users from the Middle East and Africa region are also booming and expected to reach 500 million by 2027. “Boosting intra-African trade begins by enhancing African transport and connectivity. At Logistics Evolution Africa, we will connect the dots between policy and operations, to help traders and economic operators reduce the time and cost of moving people, goods, and information around the African continent,” says Ziad M. Hamoui, National President – of Ghana at Borderless Alliance, a multilateral partnership of private and public sector stakeholders working to increase trade in Africa.

With the expected rise in e-commerce, there is an increasingly urgent need for sophisticated logistics systems to strengthen and support the continent’s expanding transport infrastructure.


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