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EASC upgraded to Hermes’ cargo management system

Hermes Logistics Technologies (has upgraded Etihad Airport Services Cargo’s (EASC) hub in Abu Dhabi to the latest version of its Hermes cargo management system, Yuval Baruch, CEO, Hermes Logistics Technologies, said. Hermes 5 is HLT’s latest function-rich cargo management system and forms the core of the Hermes Ecosystem, a suite of pay-as-you-go cargo management solutions that include Business Intelligence, Track & Trace, and a Learning Management System. “We are pleased to see EASC going live with our latest Hermes 5 on-premises in Abu Dhabi. EASC will also benefit from an enhanced version of Hermes Business Intelligence, a comprehensive dashboard reporting tool based on Hermes’ extensive data lakes,” he added. “Our upgrade to Hermes 5 was owing to the collaboration between Hermes Logistics Technologies and our teams,” said Naresh Ranganathan, Acting Vice President, EASC.


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