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Etihad Cargo’s new device to make electronics’ ferrying safer

Etihad Cargo has launched SecureTech following growing demand for a product that addresses the challenges of transporting high-value electronic devices cost-effectively, while minimizing risks, Leonard Rodrigues, Acting MD, Etihad Cargo, said. The new tool is the ninth addition to the carrier’s suite of premium products and is dedicated to the safe and secure transportation of electronics, including mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other lithium battery-powered devices. Lithium batteries are the preferred energy source for several consumer electronics. Although they are widely used, lithium batteries can pose a safety risk if not handled in accordance with transport regulations due to their potential to ignite or explode. Over the years, Etihad Cargo has developed expertise in handling specialized products, and moving lithium battery-powered devices comes with unique challenges. Etihad Cargo is well-equipped to overcome these challenges thanks to the experience gained in transporting high-value, fragile, temperature-sensitive, and dangerous goods,” Rodrigues said.


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