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GCC to fortify supply chains for industrial growth: Report

Oliver Wyman and a business of Marsh McLennan has highlighted the need for supply chain resilience in the GCC to safeguard large-scale industrial development, Frederic Ozeir, Partner and Head of Automotive and Manufacturing Industries IMEA, Oliver Wyman, said. This was stated in a report titled Industrial Supply Chain Resilience: GCC Preparedness Amid Global Disruptions. “As GCC nations scale up their economic diversification plans, including their industrial sectors, it is vital they redouble initiatives to increase supply chain resilience to ensure the smooth functioning of all sectors and aspects of society in the event of unexpected upheavals in the supply chain,” he added. The industrial sector is an enabler for other industries, and so disruptions in the industrial sector have a domino effect that can amplify vulnerabilities in vital sectors that are important for health, safety, and security.


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