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Global air cargo tonnage dips by 4% in July: World ACD

Volumes and rates dropped again at the start of July. July saw a 4 per cent fall in tonnage versus the week before, while rates globally declined an average of 1 per cent, according to WorldACD. For the fortnight ending 9 July versus the fortnight before, tonnage fell 6 per cent with rates down 1 per cent. While JetOneX has grounded its four-strong fleet, compatriot Western Global Airlines, famously struggling with its finances, is flying very little. Thirteen of its 21 aircraft are parked, and of those still operating, two have barely flown in the past week, while another three are in the air sporadically. WorldACD noted double-digit volume declines, two-week on two-week, out of the Middle East and South Asia (-17%) and ex-Africa (-11%). It added tonnage ex-North America to Europe fell 15 per cent between Europe and Middle East & South Asia (westbound -15%, eastbound -13%), APAC to Middle East and South Asia (-14%), and between Africa and Europe (southbound -12%, northbound -7%).

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