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KSA to develop logistics sector in line with Vision 2030

In line with the Vision 2030 objective of transforming the KSA into a global logistics hub, Ministry of Transport & Logistics Services (MOTLS), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has laid out an ambitious strategy to develop its transport and logistics sector and address the increasing global demand for logistics services. In the recently released Logistics Performance Index 2023 (LPI) recently published by the World Bank, Saudi Arabia moved 17 ranks to achieve 38th position, from 55th in 2018. The sector has witnessed unprecedented growth and progress, making its mark on the global logistics industry, a direct outcome of the continuous efforts by MOTLS. To boost the KSA’s efforts in this direction, His Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has launched comprehensive programs focused on different aspects of the sector. The National Transport and Logistics Strategy was launched in 2021 to strengthen human and technical capabilities in the transport and logistics sector in KSA. In 2019, National Industrial Development and Logistics Program was launched to build the KSA’s industrial and logistical capabilities and position it as a global leader in the industry.


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