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Now, Saudia Cargo goes live with RTS Velocity, AcceleRate, Foresight

Saudia Cargo goes live with RTS Velocity, AcceleRate and Foresight solutions as part of a phased approach, Mansour Alasmi, VP, Network & Revenue Management, Saudia Cargo, said.

RTS Velocity is a comprehensive revenue management solution designed to forecast capacity, show-up rate, and demand, while optimising overbooking, allotments, and bid prices. AcceleRate complements Velocity by offering dynamic pricing decision support tailored for the cargo industry, he added.

Foresight serves as a revenue planning and sales budgeting solution, considering account schedules, capacity, demand, routes, equipment characteristics, and shipment details to set annual revenue targets and sales objectives. “Our partnership with RTS Global epitomises our commitment to innovation and cutting-edge solutions that redefine our industry,” Alasmi averred.


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