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Saudia Cargo, Ciano, WFS/SATS to process e-commerce shipments

Saudia Cargo, Cainiao, and Worldwide Flight Services (WFS, a Member of the SATS Group) have announced that three parties are determined to optimize the efficiency of global logistics operations. Teddy Zebitz, CEO, Saudia Cargo said, “This collaboration strengthens their existing relationship, focusing on optimizing logistics processes by streamlining ops and adopting logistics innovations. A key component of this collaboration is the establishment of a dedicated area in the air cargo station of Cainiao Liege eHub in Belgium, the company’s European regional hub. WFS/SATS, in close collaboration with Cainiao, operates in the air cargo station.” Saudia Cargo and Cainiao’s latest agreement reinforces the longstanding relationship by giving precedence to specific Saudia Cargo freighter flights originating from Hong Kong and bound for Riyadh and Liege. “Our collaboration with Cainiao and WFS/SATS represents a natural evolution of our strong collaborations. By building on our existing commitments, we are poised to redefine the industry landscape, offering innovative and customer-centric solutions. Our collaboration ensures a seamless flow of e-commerce materials from Hong Kong to Liege,” he added


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