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Sharjah Airport expansion to be completed by 2026

A new Dh2.4 billion Sharjah Airport expansion project, expected to be completed by 2026, is aimed at enhancing service standards and boosting flight capacity. The home base of Air Arabia, the region’s leading low-cost carrier, the airport managed to handle more than 70,000 tons of cargo, including 6,000 tons of sea-air cargo, the airport said in a statement. The airport expects to attract more airline customers, particularly from markets in Europe and East Asia. Ali Salim Al Midfa, chairman of Sharjah Airport Authority, said the achievements signified the efforts of Sharjah Airport Authority to exceed expectations and enhance their traveling experience as well as elevate Sharjah Airport’s status to become one of the top five regional airports that offer an exceptional travel experience. “These accomplishments come in line with the Authority’s strategy to strengthen Sharjah Airport’s leading position and achieve sustainable growth in the aviation and cargo sectors,” said Al Midfa.

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