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Shipsy to go Bullish on KSA’s US$13 bn warehousing market

Updated: May 28

Shipsy recently highlighted its plan to go bullish with its Warehouse Management System (WMS) offering in the GCC and KSA region. In October last the company acquired Stockone, a cloud-based WMS that specialises in enabling manufacturers, pharma businesses, retailers, and e-commerce companies to scale fulfilment operations, manage compliance, gain real-time inventory visibility, and boost workforce productivity. “Adding a WMS to our core offering makes it possible for businesses in GCC and KSA to experience the power of a fully integrated fulfilment and logistics platform. Enterprises can drive comprehensive logistics optimisation, supply chain management, and seamless fulfilment to ensure cost-efficient, compliant, and agile supply chain operations,” said Soham Chokshi, CEO and Co-founder, Shipsy. The WMS market is dominated by legacy and investment-intensive systems.


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