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Tower Cold Chain adds to Saudia Cargo pharma reliability

Saudia Cargo has added Tower Cold Chain to its approved roster of temperature-controlled air cargo containers for the safer shipping of pharmaceuticals, bio-tech goods and life-science products, writes Nigel Tomkins. A statement from the Middle East carrier says that the containers deal reinforces Saudia Cargo’s commitment to having “the broadest possible selection of cold chain products”, both in terms of cargo size and temperature needs.

With hubs at Saudi Arabia’s three biggest airports of Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam, Saudia Cargo has become a key partner for companies shipping pharmaceuticals into the Middle East. The European market in particular is a major source of pharmaceutical and life-science cargo, a factor that was integral to Saudia Cargo’s selection of Tower Cold Chain, says a statement.

The containers company’s devices ensure up to 120-hour protection for delicate shipments that require an internal temperature of minus 80°C (ultracold), as well as minus 20°C (frozen) and plus 5°C (refrigerated) or plus 20°C controlled (room temperature). The airline believes a key benefit of Tower Cold Chain’s technology lies in its reliability in maintaining product integrity without the need for electricity – even in extreme heat conditions, such as those prevalent in Saudi Arabia.


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