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Tristar inaugurates road transport facility in Qatar

Tristar’s new facility has started operations in Qatar. It boasts capacious yard for truck parking, an administration block, a warehousing facility, and a multi-activity automotive service infrastructure. As per a company statement, the company is transporting petroleum and cryogenics products within the country, as well as across GCC. Its customers are major regional and international companies such as Linde Global Helium, Air Liquide, ExxonMobil, and Gulf Cryo, among others. Linde and Air Liquide are leading global helium and gas distribution companies and are currently under long term contract with Tristar for the transport of its products across the GCC. Tristar is providing specially designed vehicles which have advanced built-in safety features with professional drivers, who are all accredited and qualified in the handling of hazardous products including cryogenic gases at extremely low temperatures. For ExxonMobil, Tristar is providing 3PL services for its Marine Lubricant products including delivery via coastal vessel at Raslaffan Port. Gulf Cryo specializes in manufacturing and supplying various Industrial, Medical and Specialty Gases to a diverse range of industries.


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