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Turkish Airlines cargo surge in April witnesses 34% growth

Turkish Airlines experienced a significant boost in cargo operations in April, carrying 162,483 tonnes of cargo—a 34 per cent increase compared to the same month last year. This surge was largely driven by a 36 per cent rise in international cargo, totalling 158,090 tonnes. Central and South America saw the highest growth, with volumes rising by 65 per cent to 4,998 tonnes, followed by Europe with a 40.8 per cent increase to 49,903 tonnes, and the Middle East with a 38.4 per cent increase to 13,586 tonnes. However, domestic cargo saw a decline of 9 per cent. Ali Turk, Chief Cargo Officer, Turkish Airlines, shared in a LinkedIn post, “We achieved a remarkable growth of 30 per cent and ranked among the top three. I extend my sincere congratulations to all our teammates whose dedication and hard work have made this achievement possible.”



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