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Unilever adds EV to its fleet focusing on cutting emissions

Unilever Arabia has announced the addition of the first-ever electric van to its logistics fleet in the UAE. Making deliveries to its customers in Dubai, the incorporation of the one-ton battery-powered van signifies a major stride in Unilever’s efforts towards less emissions via its logistics operations and achieving net zero value chain emissions by 2039. As part of partnership with leading retailer, Carrefour, owned and operated by Majid Al Futtaim in the UAE, the van will initially deliver Unilever’s products to Carrefour’s Mall of the Emirates store. This will provide customers in Dubai with a sustainable delivery solution, reducing emissions by up to 15 per cent in comparison with traditional vehicles. Ahmed Kadous, Head of Supply Chain, MENA, Unilever & PC Middle East & Turkey, said, “Sustainability is integrated into everything that we do at Unilever. As part of our vision to ensure a purpose-led and sustainable business model, the van aligns with our ambitions towards delivering a profitable, yet responsible, performance and growth. The introduction of these vans is central to Unilever’s sustainability commitment.”

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