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WestJet Cargo, GTA Group launch three BCF 737-800s

WestJet Cargo together with the GTA Group launched three 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighters in Toronto and in Halifax. The event marks the start of a dedicated cargo service designed to fulfill the large-scale needs of businesses, freight forwarders, shippers, and individual customers across an expanding network. WestJet Cargo and the GTA Group’s dedicated freighters will now begin operating between six stations in Halifax, Calgary, Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto, and Vancouver. Integrating into WestJet Group’s existing network, WestJet Cargo and the GTA group’s dedicated freighters will work in tandem with the cargo carrying bellies of WestJet’s existing fleet of over a 100 737 aircraft and use the group’s highly skilled 737 pilots. With a payload of 23 tons, the three freighters will have a weekly capacity of over 1500 tons. Their operation will create global connectivity and open trade lanes between Canada and the Caribbean, Europe, Japan, and the USA. In addition to the broad range of commodities already carried by WestJet Cargo such as perishables, e-commerce and live animals, the dedicated freighters have enabled a broad expansion of the carrier’s service offerings, including the capacity to carry oversized items and unitized e-commerce containers.

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