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Yango unveils next-gen logistics tech at Seamless ’24

Yango, a global tech company, presented innovative solutions for business optimization at Seamless 2024 in Dubai. The event featured autonomous last-mile delivery robots, advanced e-grocery tech, and a new robotic pick-and-place platform to streamline warehouse automation, enhancing operational efficiency for Middle East businesses.

Yango’s autonomous delivery robots offer swift delivery in cities, automate processes, and navigate restricted areas efficiently. These robots promise faster delivery times, operate in diverse conditions, and promote sustainability by reducing carbon emissions.

Nikita Gavrilov, Yango’s Regional Head of Autonomous Delivery Solutions for the Middle East, expressed excitement about introducing these transformative solutions at Seamless Middle East 2024, aiming to meet diverse business and consumer needs in the GCC region.

Alexei Filippov, Head of Global Business Development at Yango Robotics, said, “As fulfilment costs continue to rise, our warehouse robotics solutions come at a crucial time to help businesses not just survive but thrive. Our new robotics pick-and-place platform, mobile warehouse robotics solutions and other technologies show Yango’s commitment to innovation and efficiency, driving significant cost reductions and operational enhancements for our clients across the region. We’re excited to debut these AI-powered solutions at Seamless Middle East and showcase its value across industries.”

Yango showcased its AI-driven robotic pick-and-place platform, leveraging computer vision to enhance warehouse efficiency and reduce costs. Visitors can explore AI-powered technologies for retail expansion and experience real-time analytics through smart camera systems.


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