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ZTC to digitally alter Aramtec’s warehouse operations by 14%

Zebra Technologies Corporation (ZTC) has announced that Aramtec will deploy a Zebra warehouse automation solution to digitzse and enhance its warehouse operations. Through this transformation, Aramtec aims to increase productivity by around 14 per cent. Since its inception in 1979, Aramtec has operated as a family-run business, supplying premium quality food to the UAE’s hospitality industry. The company imports and distributes worldwide selected food brands and products across the region including Qatar. With over 2,500 stock keeping units (SKUs), it delivers to 3,500 customers, including luxury hotels, restaurants, airlines and other commercial food and beverage outlets. Aramtec is modernizing its entire warehouse operations digitally so that it can respond faster to growing customer reach and changes in its supply chain environment. “By deploying a suitable and modern technology solution, we are able to give our frontline workers the tools they need to meet business goals and customer expectations,” said Edgard Chalhoub, MD, Aramtec. “This solution will help us improve our end-to-end processes, achieve greater visibility and management of our complex supply chain and distribution network operations, and allow us to increase overall productivity.”

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