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Agility warehouse in KSA earns EDGE certification

A warehouse at Agility Logistics Park complex in Riyadh is the first building in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the first warehouse in GCC to receive EDGE Advanced certification as a green building.

Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE) is the global standard for energy-efficient buildings, a certification system overseen by the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

EDGE Advanced buildings are ‘zero-carbon ready’ structures that are at least 40 per cent more energy efficient than others in the market. Basic certification requires a minimum projected reduction of 20 per cent energy use, water use and ‘embodied energy’ in materials as benchmarked against a standard local building.

The company received the certification for a warehouse at its 870,000 sq. m., Riyadh Park. “Agility is determined to lead the way in development of modern, energy-efficient logistics infrastructure.

We want to help drive KSA growth, generate jobs, conserve resources and be an example for others of sustainability,” said Michel Saab, CEO, Agility Logistics Parks/Global Operations.

In addition to its Riyadh complex, Agility Logistics Parks operates a 200,000 sq. mt. facility in Dammam and recently announced plans to invest SAR 611million (US$163mn) to build a

576,000 sq. mt. warehouse park near Jeddah.

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