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AJEX-Kerry Logistics Italy start new express service to KSA

KSA-based AJEX Logistics Services announced its partnership with Kerry Logistics Italy to provide the fastest end-to-end, multimodal land-sea-land freight transportation solution available in the market. By combining land, rail, and sea routes, which is game changer in freight transportation, AJEX-KERRY Ocean Express Service reduces transit time to only 16 days. From 30 European countries to Saudi Arabia, via Genoa, Italy to Jeddah Port, it seeks to outperform traditional sea freight services, allowing businesses to ship their goods more swiftly and reliably. The service provides real-time quotations, allowing customers to quickly obtain accurate pricing information for their shipments. Customers can also purchase space based on their specific needs, opening a wide range of possibilities for businesses looking to expand their operations in the region.


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