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Amazon to open giant storage facility in Riyadh

Amazon’s Saudi unit has doubled its storage capacity with the launch of a new fulfillment center in Riyadh, spanning 390,000 sq. ft. across five floors—approximately the size of five football fields. The center will have a storage capacity of 2.7 million cubic feet and will be able to store over 9 million products, enabling Amazon to delight customers with a wider selection of products across electronics, appliances, groceries, fashion, books, and more. This expansion will support more Saudi entrepreneurs and sellers to scale their businesses online, said a statement from Amazon. Quoting an official, it stated “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made remarkable progress in developing world-class infrastructure and business-enabling policies that aim to place the Kingdom at the forefront of investor attractiveness. Amazon’s expansion supports KSA’s logistics sector, one of NIDLP’s four key sectors, bringing the latest innovations and technologies in e-commerce operations. The new Fulfillment Center in Riyadh will further unlock the value of the Kingdom’s resources by empowering local startups and entrepreneurs with improved global connectivity and access to new markets.”


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