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Aramex opens new regional offfice in Riyadh

Aramex has strengthened its presence in the Kingdom

of Saudi Arabia with the inauguration of a new regional office in Riyadh, reinforcing the company’s commitment to accelerating the transformation of KSA’s logistics sector under Vision 2030, Othman Aljeda, CEO of Aramex. In addition, the new regional headquarters and Aramex’s commitment to innovation will benefit the Saudi logistics sector and contribute to Vision 2030’s emphasis on digital capacity building and advancement.

“Expanding our presence in KSA with a new regional headquarters is an area of strategic focus for us as the logistics and transportation sector evolves rapidly around the region. With this inauguration, Aramex is proud to take the lead in bringing state-of-the-art logistics solutions, advanced technology and superior customer service to support our clients across the Kingdom and beyond, underscoring Aramex’s commitment in “ ropelling Saudi Arabia’s logistics sector towards Vision 2030 goals,” Samer Marei, VP, Regional Headquarters, Aramex.


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