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Aramex tests live tracking for last-mile delivery in UAE

Aramex has become the first logistics company in the GCC to test live tracking for last-mile delivery (LMD), using the Mobility Services from Google Maps Platform in partnership with OniGroup. Alaa Saoudi, COO, Express, Aramex, said, “This feature is built upon a proprietary foundation, Aramex’s own Geocoder, which utilizes Machine Learning and predictive AI to generate precise and accurate delivery coordinates to increase delivery precision. This feature leverages the strength of Google Maps and navigation to enable customers to track live location of Aramex’s delivery champions from the last five stops until the shipment is delivered to the doorsteps of the customers.” The successful beta testing phase for Aramex’s LMD live tracking is underway in the UAE. The feature s expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2024.

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