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Astral Aviation plans three AOCs, including one in the Middle East

Kenya’s Astral Aviation will set up three more cargo subsidiaries following its new JV Suid Cargo Airlines in South Africa and new AOC ventures in the Middle East, Europe, and Australia. CEO Sanjeev Gadhia also disclosed plans to divest 70 per cent stake in Astral to raise money. While on Pradhaan Air Express, he said, “We are looking at maybe taking a stake in the airline in the next couple of months.” Gadhia said Astral is keen to take a stake in new Indian cargo carrier. He had helped launch Pradhaan Air Express last year by providing it with the world’s first A320-200(P2F). A second A320P2F would join the start-up’s fleet this year. Gadhia was also evaluating A321 and A330-300s (P2F) for the new carrier


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