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Bahrain’s Tamkeen ties-up with MAE Aircraft Management

Bahrain’s Labour Fund (Tamkeen) has announced its support for MAE Aircraft Management Company, a JV between Asia Cargo Network (ACN) and Mena Aerospace, to revolutionize the air cargo industry in Bahrain, Maha Mofeez, Chief Executive, Tamkeen, said. Tamkeen’s commitment extends to facilitating employment opportunities for qualified Bahraini pilots and aviation engineers within MAE Aircraft Management Company, reinforcing its dedication to empowering local talent. This partnership aims to bolster air cargo activities, foster regional growth, and strengthen ties with air transport service companies and aviation service providers. Through this initiative, Tamkeen seeks to create employment opportunities for Bahrainis in the Transportation and Logistics sector, a cornerstone to the national economy. The Kingdom of Bahrain’s strategic location and historical reputation as a regional trade hub allows it to harness significant growth in this vital sector. In 2022, the transportation and logistics sector contributed 6.8 per cent to the GDP, offering quality job opportunities for local talent. “With the shipping and logistics sector being a key focus of the government’s economic recovery plan, we are pleased to support MAE Aircraft Management Company, which aligns with our vision to reinforce the Kingdom’s position as a regional hub for logistics services,” Mofeez added.


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