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Boeing forecasts demand for 900 freighters in 20 yrs

Boeing has predicted there will be demand for 2,825 dedicated freighters over the next two decades. The Middle East will form a substantial part of this market. Out of the 2,825 aircraft, there will be 650 large widebodies, 885 medium widebodies and 1,290 standard body aircraft. The world’s freighter fleet stood at 2,270 in 2022, and by 2042 the freighter fleet will total 3,745, said Boeing. E-commerce is boosting express freighter fleets, with 20 per cent growth between 2020-2022, noted the company. “The aviation industry has demonstrated resilience and adaptability after unprecedented disruption, with airlines responding to challenges, simplifying their fleets, improving efficiency and capitalizing on resurgent demand,” said Brad McMullen, Boeing senior vice president of commercial sales and marketing. Airbus has recently published 20-year forecast said there will be global demand for 2,510 freighter aircraft.


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