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Careem launches fleet of e-bikes for delivery in Dubai

Careem has announced that it will put e-delivery bikes on Dubai’s roads by December-end. Created in partnership with the Emirate’s Roads and Transport Authority, this is part of a drive towards providing more carbon-neutral transport options. Sami Amin, Senior Director, Operations, Careem Bike, said, “It is important for us to improve our region, and one way of doing this, is to support the UAE’s net-zero objectives.” Another aspect of the move towards carbon-neutral transport is that the e-bikes will reduce the costs for delivery riders. Careem’s riders pay for their fuel, a standard practice across the industry, but the company estimates using battery-powered bikes will save them at least 15 per cent a month. The company has not mentioned the exact number of bikes that will be introduced yet. “Traditionally, our services rely on combustion engines, which are expensive to operate and, of course, a major contributor to pollution,” he said. “Electric delivery bikes will improve both,” he added. The riders will be able to sign up for a monthly subscription service allowing them unlimited battery swaps. The batteries will be located at several different stations throughout Dubai.


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