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Cybersecurity for air cargo crucial: Fresa Technologies

Cyber safety is a key aspect of transactions for freight forwarding companies. The risk of hackers cannot be ignored by enterprises of any size or destination, Ruthvik Srinivas, Business Development Manager, Fresa Technologies, said.

“Cybersecurity in air freight is crucial as many procedures take place online. Air freight involves various web portals for data uploads and monetary transactions. It also includes maintaining sensitive data in cloud systems.

Authorities such as IATA publish Security Management System Manuals to provide standards for cyber security culture, aviation security measures, and cyber security risk management in the airline industry.”

Fresa Technologies provides its cybersecurity solutions in the form of data encryption for data storage, accessibility controls with auto logout in the event of a minimum idle screen time, firewall security for database and application servers, an incident response plan with Disaster Recovery Server, and other cybersecurity risk management solutions.

“Cybersecurity, as a basic step, can be applied in the workplace by restricting access to third party applications without a valid license or a work requirement,” he concluded.

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