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DHL Global Forwarding acquires Danzas AEI Emirates

DHL Global Forwarding of the DHL Group has completed the acquisition of Danzas AEI Emirates, with all facilities now rebranded to DHL. Amadou Diallo, CEO, Middle East, and Africa, DHL Global Forwarding, said, “Our integration with Danzas AEI Emirates paves the way for strengthened logistics operations in the GCC and MEA.

The full integration brings a transformation in logo and name and enhances operational capabilities with the transfer of 1,100 logistics experts and ownership of 20 facilities. This will result in efficient and seamless logistics services in the UAE, GCC, and Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.

“Our integration with Danzas will enable us to expand our reach and support the growth of the logistics business in the GCC, while enhancing regional competitiveness as an economic hub,” Diallo said. With this integration, DHL Global Forwarding solidifies its position as a market leader in freight forwarding and logistics in Dubai, accelerating the growth of logistics business in the MEA region.


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