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dnata handles close to 27,000 tonnes of flowers daily

One of the key components of cargo is flower dispatch. Close to 27,000 tonnes of flowers imported, arrive daily into the European continent from key source markets in East Africa and South America. One of the busiest times of the year is the two-to three-week window before Valentine’s Day in February, with multiple freight aircraft arriving each day to supply Europe’s love birds. dnata’s Amsterdam facilities also manage the export of 15,000 tonnes of flowers annually, primarily the home-grown gerbera, gypsophila and peonies. Jan van Anrooy, Managing Director, dnata Netherlands, said, “Understanding our customers’ requirements is crucial to ensuring perishable items such as flowers preserve their freshness and longevity, maintaining the value for our customers. Our customer-oriented team and best-in-class facilities ensure that perishable cargo is processed quickly and efficiently throughout the transportation process.”

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