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Driving sustainability in cargo handling ops with IEnvA

As the aviation industry transforms to meet sustainability demands, air cargo infrastructure must also adapt. Airlines, handlers, airports, and other industry stakeholders are implementing a variety of measures to reduce the environmental impact of cargo facilities and improve operational efficiency.

Cargo facilities are becoming safer, smarter, and more efficient with technology advancements. There are opportunities to promote sustainable transformation by adopting innovative technologies and initiatives such as automating building processes, electrifying ground support equipment, reducing waste, and more. IEnvA is a voluntary environmental management system tailored to the specific needs and challenges of the aviation industry. The program, which includes different elements to support the implementation of the standard, has recently been expanded and tailored to cater to the specific needs of Cargo Handling companies.

By implementing the IEnvA Standard, Cargo handlers will be able to incorporate into their day-to-day operations processes and controls that would help them identify and manage their environmental risks, prevent or mitigate environmental incidents and prepare for emergencies and contingencies while complying with environmental laws and regulations.


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