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Dubai’s MBRAH expanding aerospace supply chain

Dubai’s Mohammed Bin Rashid Aerospace Hub (MBRAH) is expanding its aerospace supply chain, suppliers complex and line maintenance units, following demand from companies to set up their business at the hub. Tahnoon Saif, CEO, MBRAH said the landside aerospace supply chain will be expanded with a third and fourth phase, spanning 22,000 square meters and catering to engine shops, component and landing gear MROs and workshop solutions for SMEs. All the above facilities are slated for completion starting Q4 2024, with 70 per cent of the area pre-leased by global companies attracted by MBRAH from abroad. He said, “The MRO trade from MBRAH’s aerospace supply chain includes import, export, and re-export, which currently account for AED5.6 billion (US$1.52 billion). It is likely to reach over AED8 billion in the next few years.”


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