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Dubai South, Beijing New Aerotropolis sign pact

Dubai South has signed an agreement with Beijing New Aerotropolis Holdings Co., Ltd., China, to establish a framework for nurturing cooperative relations, encouraging mutual growth in areas such as economic development, training, and sustainability. The agreement was signed by Zhigang Liu, Chairman, Beijing New Aerotropolis, and Mohsen Ahmad, CEO, Logistics District, Dubai South, in the presence of Khalifa Al Zaffin, Executive Chairman, Dubai Aviation City Corporation and Dubai South, and Wang Youguo, Secretary, Beijing Daxing District Committee, Communist Party of China.

The alliance underscores a commitment for joint efforts that stimulate cooperation between private enterprises across both countries, ultimately bolstering economic synergy between the two airport zones and jointly pioneering new international trade standards adapted to the evolving digital landscape. Mohsen Ahmad said, “We are pleased to sign this pact with Beijing New Aerotropolis, which presents an opportunity to accelerate our respective economic progression through diverse initiatives.”


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