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Electric motorbikes: a boost to last-mile delivery

Mena region-based Terra Tech Ltd. (Terra) has announced the arrival of their first fleet of electric motorbikes to their warehouse in Al Quoz, Dubai. This marks a significant milestone for the startup as it supports the UAE’s Year of Sustainability. The firm also aims to accelerate the nation’s development towards emissions-free delivery in the buildup to COP 28 later this year. The arrival of the first electric motorbike fleet brings Terra Tech one step closer to deploying its vehicles on the UAE’s roads and making electric mobility an accessible reality for the local last-mile sector. The motorbikes and their swappable batteries have been developed and tested to withstand the UAE’s harsh heat conditions resulting in long battery life and a lesser need for batteries to be swapped frequently. “We have received a positive response to our solutions, and several partners are eager to invest in the future,” said Hussam Zammar, Founder and Managing Director, Terra Tech.


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