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Emergency air cargo ops launched to aid Maui

About 46,000 residents and visitors have flown out of Kahului Airport in West Maui, air cargo formed a vital link to provide emergency relief. Hawaiian Airlines has been ferrying essential cargo as part of humanitarian aid efforts following the start of devastating wildfires on Maui. The airline stated its cargo business has ferried medical and essential supplies to help people affected by the wildfires that have claimed the lives of 50 people and destroyed infra across the island. In an official announcement, the airline stated it, “Set aside dedicated space on our aircraft to support essential cargo, including life-saving blood and medical supplies, medication, food, water, amenity kits and infra equipment for telecommunications repairs.” Other aid initiatives launched by the airline included operating additional flights in and out of Maui, offering free seats for first responders, and making every cabin seat from Kahului to Honolulu available at US$19 through August 14 to help people leave the island.

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