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Etihad Cargo focuses on safety by classifying cargo

Safety is paramount on cargo aircraft and the response teams need to be in strict compliance of the guidelines of carriage. Thomas Schürmann, Head, Cargo Operations & Delivery, Etihad Cargo said, “Air cargo has revolutionized the global economy, allowing the rapid movement of goods across vast distances. Although efficient, the industry faces the challenge of ferrying dangerous goods safely and securely. As safety is Etihad Cargo’s top priority, we maintain the highest standards of safety in compliance with global and national regulations for transporting dangerous goods. With the right tools, the risks of ferrying dangerous goods by air can be mitigated. These actions include Etihad Cargo’s strict compliance with the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and instructions as provided by the various national civil aviation authorities. Etihad Cargo delivers training programmes focused on safely handling and transporting dangerous goods to all operational staff. We review documentation, packaging, and labelling during acceptance checks with the aid of our acceptance checklist. We utilize security screening teach and procedures to detect undeclared dangerous goods and report procedures to ensure the shipper is notified and provide preventive action to forestall a reoccurrence. These steps help prevent hazardous materials from being loaded onto the aircraft.

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