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“Fresa Gold optimizing use of tech in Freight Forwarding”

“One of the most important aspects of running a successful freight forwarding firm,” explains Ruthvik Srinivas, Business Development Manager, Fresa Technologies, “is the coordination of the many divisions within the organization. “Considering the current levels of competition and the technological innovation in the industry, digitalization has consistently proven to keep the businesses one step ahead of their rivals. Digitalization can start with the usage of a cutting-edge ERP system such as Fresa Gold as well as digital marketing, cloud-based document storage solutions, and so on.”

Making use of a customized and convenient client portal in software such as the Fresa Gold may significantly decrease the update delays and may give transparency to the clients, allowing them to be more confident and satisfied with the service. The Client portals have also allowed employees to focus more on the operations while maintaining an excellent customer service. Web-based ERPs, such as the Fresa Gold, have become an highly effective and efficient investment to the freight forwarders due to the fact that they help in reducing operational costs with BPO setups for multiple locations, options to integrate with other software and portals, meeting industry and government standards, and tax filing regulations as per the country.


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