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Hatta Customs Centre handles 260 cargo trucks daily

The latest data from Dubai Customs show the Hatta Border Crossing Customs Centre in UAE, has handled a total of 46,965 cargo trucks in the first six months of this year, a daily average of 260 trucks mostly loaded with foodstuffs. Dubai Customs said their integrated, round-the-clock services and facilities at the border crossing helped smoothen the clearance procedures for incoming freight trucks, in a way that supports food security in the local market. The centre’s teams work non-stop to support trade in goods and facilitate imports.

“The upward momentum in tourist traffic experienced by Dubai, which exceeded the pre-Covid levels, saw the number of vehicles cleared by the Hatta Customs Centre jump to 365,448 vehicles during the first half of this year,” said Humaid Al Rasheed, Director of Land Customs Centres Department, adding that the Hatta Border Crossing is a vital international crossing point, connecting the country to the Sultanate of Oman. It plays a significant role in facilitating trade and passenger movement between Dubai and Oman.


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