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Honeywell’s next gen tech to improve warehouse efficiency

Global technology leader, Honeywell, revealing the latest trends for warehouses across the Middle East, said there is an increasing demand for efficiency in warehouses to ensure workers are fast and effective in distribution in the region. Honeywell gives mobile solutions for transport, logistics and warehousing empower workers to better perform their day-to-day tasks and enhance people’s skills and processes to achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and employee experiences. “Digital transformation is key to keeping ahead of rapidly increasing market demands and to remain resilient amidst unpredictable supply chains. The pressure to increase levels of efficiency and productivity has never been greater in distribution and fulfillment operations, and digitalization is key to deal with today’s challenges and prepare for the future. So, Honeywell supports retailers and e-commerce firms to ensure warehouse operators can improve performance through upskilled and a more productive workforce,” said Minda Xu, Vice President and GM, High Growth Regions, Safety and Productivity Solutions, Honeywell.`


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