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IATA announces Air Cargo Digitalisation Leadership Charter

IATA announced the launch of the IATA Digitalisation Leadership Charter at the IATA World Cargo Symposium in Hong Kong, Brendan Sullivan, Global Head, Cargo, IATA. Cathay Cargo, CHAMP Cargosystems, Global Logistics System Company Limited, IAG Cargo, IBS Software, LATAM Cargo, and Lufthansa Cargo are the signatories of the charter.

“Digitalization is imperative for the industry. It requires alignment to ensure a unified and effective approach. IATA has introduced the Digitalization Leadership Charter to spearhead this alignment,” Sullivan averred.

The charter aims to accelerate the cargo industry’s digitalisation journey by committing to five key guiding principles. Developed in consultation with IATA’s Cargo Advisory Council Members, airlines and the wider air cargo community, the charter seeks to drive innovation, enhance efficiency, and promote a sustainable and harmonized digital transformation.


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