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‘Innovation in tech driving change for cargo in UAE’: AFCO

The Middle East functions as a critical global link, bringing markets together across continents and supply chains. The innovation in technology has revolutionized freight forwarding. “Digitization, automation, and data analytics have streamlined processes, increased efficiency and provided transparency across the entire supply chain. This provided our clients (shippers and importers) with real-time monitoring of shipments, that come with enhanced shipping routes and minimal delays and disruptions,” Elesar Ali Zayed, Branch Manager, Al Fadhil Cargo Forwarding Company, (AFCO) Dubai, said. “Dubai’s strategic location, coupled with significant investments in elite infrastructure and logistics, has propelled the forwarding industry within our region,” he added. Through strategic investments, countries such as the UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Oman have transformed their infrastructure be it —ports, airports, and roads, which made the Middle East take its place as a central trade hub bridging Asia, Europe, Africa,” he explained.

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