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iot squared, AHOY Tech pact to reshape global logistics

A leading company in the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and a subsidiary of the STC Group, iot squared has signed a cooperation agreement with AHOY Technology, specializing in smart mobility infrastructure and logistics services. This collaboration supports the complete transformation towards IoT, contributing to an advanced technological revolution that aims to achieve the targets of Saudi Vision 2030. Under this agreement, iot squared, in partnership with AHOY, will provide the latest smart logistics solutions, including advanced technology infrastructure and various programs that contribute to developing application interfaces and software platforms. This collaboration also involves identifying the target audience and providing technical support.

The agreement enables iot squared to sell modern products and services like the COMET software platform (SaaS). COMET is designed to enhance all logistics platforms, streamline operations, and the FLY+ platform (PaaS) provides an intelligent travel experience through remote registration services, door-to-door services, and handling. Additionally, the agreement includes AHOY’s Movement Studio, a dynamic studio that provides innovative software development tools designed to enable affordable and quick development of futuristic solutions, systems, and applications that offer accurate orchestration of movement and routing for enterprises and complex commercial-grade applications.


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