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June sees global tonnages dip by 4% as against 2022

Air cargo tonnages for June declined by 4 per cent compared to the previous year, an improvement compared to May at -6 per cent (YoY), while April was still at -10 per cent (YoY), as per the latest figures released by the WorldACD Market Data. Average rates stabilized throughout June around -38 per cent compared to previous year. Figures for 26 June to 2 July show a similar drop of 4 per cent in tonnages and a slight increase in average worldwide air cargo prices, week on week (WoW), based on 400,000 weekly transactions covered by WorldACD’s data. Comparing weeks 25 and 26 with the preceding two weeks, overall tonnages decreased by 3 per cent versus their combined total in weeks 23 and 24, with average worldwide rates stable and capacity up by 1 per cent.

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