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KEZAD Group’s AED 42 million Al Ma’mourah project to boost trade

The KEZAD Group (Khalifa Economic Zones Abu Dhabi), the UAE’s largest operator of fully-integrated economic zones and value added business services, has launched a massive road development project in Al Ma’mourah which will cost AED 2 million ( $11.4 million). The group is expected to develop 24 kilometres of main roads and roundabouts within the area, to facilitate the movement of goods and streamline the flow of traffic. “As with the recently started project in Kezad Mussaffah, the improvement of the road network system in Kezad Al Ma’mourah is aimed at developing a faster and more efficiently connected economic zone,” said Mohamed Al Ahmed, chief executive of Kezad Group. “This upgrade reinforces the value proposition of Kezad and strengthens Abu Dhabi’s position as an advanced economic and industrial hub.” Kezad Group was launched by AD Ports Group in September last year to consolidate and grow its economic cities and free zones cluster, and as it seeks to strengthen Abu Dhabi’s position as an industrial and manufacturing hub.

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