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Kezad invests US$169 mn, expands warehouse capacity

Kezad Group has commenced expanding warehousing capacity by 250,000 sq. mts., investing AED621 million (US$169.1 million). Mohamed Al Khadar Al Ahmed, CEO, Khalifa Economic Zones Abu Dhabi, Kezad Group, “This will bring additional capacity of pre-built industrial and logistics facilities online by the end of 2025 and boost Kezad’s total warehousing capacity by 43 per cent.” The group has commenced construction of the new phases in the light of demand for warehousing and other prebuilt facilities across the emirate of Abu Dhabi, in both free zone and domestic industrial areas. It includes construction of 97,500 sq. mts. of leasable area in Khalifa Industrial Area (Kezad Al Ma’mourah A & B) and 153,000 sq. mts. of leasable area in ICAD 3. Since Q3 2022, Kezad Group has delivered 270,000 sq. mts. of additional warehousing space, with leased area having witnessed a 66 per cent increase over the same duration. “We are committed to develop more facilities for ‘plug and play’ assets that leverage our zones’ global connectivity and competitive cost of doing business to expand reach to new markets in the region” Ahmed said.

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