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King Abdullah Port, Tabadul tie-up for digital logistics

King Abdullah Port and The Saudi Company for Electronic Information Exchange (TABADUL) announced the signing of a strategic partnership contract integrates King Abdullah Port’s Smart Gate System with Tabadul’s Truck Management System. The tie-up allows enhancing the port’s services by utilizing the latest world-class technologies and practices and automating all the logistics procedures within the Port Community System. Stressing the importance of digitization and automation in developing the level of services provided by the port, Jay New, CEO, King Abdullah Port said, “We are pleased to enter this alliance with Tabadul, one of our national partners in the kingdom. We are connecting our smart gate system with Tabadul’s truck management system, integrated with primary government bodies, to access valuable logistics and supply chain data, accelerate the transit of goods and reduce delivery times significantly. This will not only improve our service, but also add a valuable contribution to the transformation of the kingdom into a global logistics hub, in line with the National Transport and Logistics Strategy’s objectives.


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