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KSA becomes key contributor to global supply chain: Alkhorayef

Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources Bandar Alkhorayef stated that Saudi Arabia is certain to become one of the major countries in the world to contribute to supply chains which intends to study 9,000 products in detail. Addressing the 5th session of the Supply Chains and Logistics Conference 2023 in Riyadh on Sunday, Al-Khorayef highlighted the Kingdom’s distinguished geographical location, saying that it qualifies the Kingdom to reach all countries of the world and allows it to provide the world with many capabilities, apart from its industrial strategy. The conference, the largest gathering of decision makers in the sectors of supply chains, services and logistics, was themed “Towards a sustainable supply chain to boost the circular economy.”

The minister said that the industrial strategy is based on large and strong capacities that make the Kingdom more capable of being in harmony and maximizing economic benefits so that it can leverage the capabilities of the local and regional markets. It also paves way for Saudi Arabia to be a major player to supply many final or intermediate products, the minister said, adding that this can only be achieved with the presence of strong logistical services and the study of supply chains and different value chains.

The initiative by the ministry will ensure that the Kingdom becomes a major player through its location, whether from raw materials to conversion into some products that require energy or minerals.


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